Friday, January 13, 2012

Panic Attack

I had to share this story real quick with y'all few and far between who actually read my blog...

Yesterday, I had to make a run to another law office to drop something off.  I entered the building and realized that the law office was in Suite 200.  200 typically means second floor. I get in the elevator and appropriately push the 2 button.  However, I realize there is no movement. At that moment, these are all the thoughts that crossed my mind within the minute of not moving:

Does this work?
When was the last time this was inspected? (PS- Totally checked the certificate to see.)
Why am I not moving?
Why do I still hear footsteps?
Oh no, I'm caught between floors?
How am I going to get out of here?
Should I press the emergency button?
This is just like one of those shows where the pregnant lady is stuck in the elevator!
Thank goodness I'm not pregnant!
Should I scream?

I then decide to hit the open door button to see where I was.  Well, no need for panic.. I was already on floor 2.  It just happened to be at ground level. Ha, So I laughed to myself.. walked out of that elevator with my head held high like I had gone to the 3rd floor and got the job done :)

This is my life... Have a good weekend!

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