Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve - Looking Back and Forward

Can I just say that I LOVE New Year's Eve! I'm not totally sure why... but I do love the idea of a great party, streamers, whistler thingys, toasts, new beginnings, fun party dresses, and a good dance party. So yeah, all that rolled into one would be ... you got it!.. a New Year's Eve party! 

However, I can't say that I have completely experienced that.. Lauren Crane's Black and White Party came pretty doggone close.  But as we close out this year, let me recap some parties of the past. I laugh at them because, although you can't share in the actual moment, they were special... to say the least :)

NYE 2006 - Brittany, Becca, and myself head out to this field party we hear about. Yes, it was cold. Yes there was a fire.. but did we appreciate the high-schoolers who found out about the party and showed up at the party also... Nope.

NYE 2009 - Amanda attempts to throw a wonderful party at her place with a rousing game of Bingo ;) I had fun because I loved my prize. The downside there were like two guys .. and a whoooolllllleeeeee lot of girls. The result = us just staring at each other.

NYE 2010- Orphan Book Club.. Do I really need to say more?

NYE 2011 - First Light Raleigh. Not bad.. but they made it seem like you had to pay for this $10 button just to be there. False advertisement. And after the acorn dropped.. there was no party.  Just some fireworks, and a see ya later.

I know that some of you can't share in my enjoyment of this recap, but if you were there.. then you are probably just shaking your head in agreement.

I DO look forward to the year to come. I am reminded in the new year to come that we have something to tremendously be thankful for - our new beginning in Christ. Yes, I know that took a turn from funny to serious. But work with me here. Because of Christ's salvation, we are a new creation. The old has been washed away, and we can stand confident in our freedom in Christ.  As you venture into this new year, don't get caught up in the resolutions. But my prayer for you as that you would seek HIM. How hard that is to say .. I know! But seek Him and His will and let Him be your guide.

Psalm 143:10 "Teach me to do your will, for you are my God."

This is my life.. Happy New Years!

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  1. hhahaha i'll never forget "orphan book club"! Laurens NYE party was one of my fav NYE's ever!