Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Haps

I don't know about y'all, but Christmas went WAY too fast for me! I was so excited that Christmas morning fell on a Sunday this year - it's only appropriate! Here are just a few pictures from my weekend... I was able to relax ALOT and eat some great food... and spend time with my family [including sweet Maggie :) ] ...

Yes! This is my new car.. The most pricey thing on my Christmas list. ha.. And this is what I got! Merry Christmas to me! I was a little sad parting with my blazer, but I've been needing something new. Whoa! You want to talk about being a grown up!?! Yeah, well I think I finally am haha!

And this is the Gandy Christmas tree. I LOVE seeing/having a Christmas tree full of "matching" wrapped presents. I think I wouldn't mind even never opening the presents, if it could just always stay like this. Isn't my mama's nutcracker collection adorable?

All of my presents were great this year.. but who doesn't like getting something extra special. I almost want to cry when people give me stuff that "just fits" my personality and loves :)  But this ornament came from Devon. It is special because back during my first year in seminary, one of the professor's wives guest-lectured about singleness. She based her lecture from Romans 8:28 [which is of course applicable to MANY circumstances other than singleness].  But her illustration was wonderful, which I shared with Devon later on. Anyways, she said... we already have the good in life.. everything God has given us is for our good. This is the icecream! Don't we love a good scoop of icecream? Chickfila please? haha... And so, we have the icecream.. we are just waiting on our sprinkles [the man God has for us]. Well, every since then, Devon and I have exchanged icecream what-nots. haha But isn't this beautiful!

Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas!

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