Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All I Want for Christmas

When it comes down to a Christmas Wish List, I have to be pretty specific about it. Otherwise I'll end up with the tragics of Christmas pasts. So, this is what I asked for this year... in no particular order.. with all the specifications. Taken from an Email to my Mama... aka Santa.

- Ultimate Black Mascara Mary Kay
- Mary Kay Hazel/light brown eyeliner
- 90210 DVD Seasons I dont have: 3, 6-10 Would rather have 3, 9, or, 10.
- Teen Mom on DVD
- A 1 1/2 in. or 2in. barrel curling iron.. I want the curling rod to be that shiny silver - I think it is Conair maybe that is like that?
- Gift Cards: Target, Chickfila, Itunes ($10)
- Exercise clothes
- Other DVDs: The Help or Fast FIve
- A grey fleece from Target - Size Medium.
- One of those insulated cup things I showed you at Belk with straw
- A Duke sticker for my car [just a blue D]
- A new Garnet key chain - brownish burlap edging with garnet palmetto tree flag.
- A Car
- A hot date :)
Conversation Post-List Sending with my mama:
Mama: I wouldn't even try to get you a hot date. You don't like anyone I pick out.
Me: True
Mama: What in the world is Fast Five?
Me: You know, like Fast and the Furious only it's the 5th one.
Mama: Oh, Fast and the Furious?
Me: No! FAST FIVE.. the 5th one!
Mama: With Paul Walker?
Me: Yes! I've taught you well!
Merry Christmas yall!
This is my life.. and Paul Walker is my celebrity crush!

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  1. this is great except i would like you to watch less trashy television. jk the bachelor comes on in january!