Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 13 Days of Christmas..

                       This is the full-of-personaility Christmas tree in Raleigh! - FUN!
                      We make sure to turn the lights off when we aren't there so as to
                       prevent yet another apartment fire! haha

You read that right... ha
To say that I love Christmas is quite the understatement! It makes me so stinkin' excited [and that's pretty excited] that I can barely stand it!!  I feel like a 5 yr. old all over again - I think that's because Christmas is carefree, fun, bright lights, laughter, family, and love!  I'm going to make my own deal here and start the 13 days of Christmas for y'all! Maybe like a fun topic or picture, who knows.. I just thought of it all :) But today will be Christmas traditions in the Gandy home :) So enjoy ... and Merry Christmas because I don't think we can say that enough!

* Every year when me and my brother were little, my parents would take us to see Christmas lights. We always went to this one house in Hartsville that you could drive through. There were so many lights! It was the greatest thing EVER to us. Man, I wish he would still do those lights.. because don't you know this 27 yr. old girl would go ride through probably a good 3 or 4 times. Afterwards, we would always go to Sonic for dinner. Jordy and I loooovvveeeddd some Sonic... to put it mildly.. we thought we were the junk ha.  Now, there is STILL a connection between Christmas lights and Sonic.. love it!

* My mama is a teacher, so she had the holidays off with us. She did an excellent job of keeping us "entertained".  We made Christmas ornaments, baked cookies, wrapped presents, played games, visited old friends, etc. I wish I had that much time off now to do ALL of those things.

* Each year my mama and daddy give us a Christmas ornament. They are all on the Gandy tree now. It's fun decorating the tree and remembering when we got each ornament.

Ummm.. yeah, so those are just a few traditions. They all make me smile. Thanks for reading :)

This is my life.. and I love it!

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