Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Whistler

I will freely admit that I don't know much about how to talk to boys.  You may argue my point.  I can see that.  My interest/love for sports and the benefit of having a brother around for years has allowed me to engage in conversations with boys and carry on a semi-decent continuous conversations that are not one-sided.  But any form of flirting, well... you might as well hang that one up.  Though I may not be able to properly communicate interest on my side, I sometimes wonder about the behaviors guys use to convey their interest.  Said behaviors include but are certainly not limited to: a whistle, a "hey you", a "hey girl".. etc and so on.  Now granted there are certainly types of guys who would not do these things.. But it makes me wonder, why ANY guy would think a whistle is an appropriate way to "holla", if you will, at a girl.  My only thought is that they must've gotten some sort of response from the behavior previously. 

But there needs to be a corrective nature about the whole deal.  And for that resolution I think it would go down a little something like this.

The following example is an event that actually happened to me today.  Now, I will tell what I actually did in response... and what I should have done.

See what had happened was: I went to go for a walk on this lovely Fall afternoon in Raleigh, NC.  I was looking at the apartments to my left when I hear a faint but certain whistle from the right.  I turned to look to see what was going on.  And to my surprise, there were indeed 4 young fellas moving a friend of theirs and loading the truck.  This is where the whistle came from. 
What I did: Cold, Blank hard stare back and kept walking.
What I should have done:
              Me - "Ohhhhh my gooosssshh! You think I'm cute? Like do you want to take me on a
                         date [as I walk over and twirl my hair].  I'd for sure love to go since you think
                         I'm cute and all.... Oh my gossshhh!"
              Them - Cold, hard stare back.
              [They are in complete shock and don't know what to do because I've officially called
                them out on their unsolicited and inappropriate way to catch a girl's eye.]

The end. And so the Whistler just stops and just goes up to the girl and trys to start a genuine conversation.. Maybe?

But I will say, on those rare days that this does happen-  one is usually disgusted at the whistle and clearly doesn't respond, BUT deep down there is some sort of notion that "I've still got it!"

This is my life.

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