Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not Your Average Pocket Change

"Ch-ch-ch-changes"... I don't even know who sings this or what cheesey commerical it has come from, but I will borrow it for now, because that is exactly what my life is doing right now: Changing.

So thankful for the prayers of many friends and family over the last few months. I have prayed diligently for a more full time job. God provided that opportunity just 2 weeks ago. I went for an interview for a different job Tuesday two weeks ago. I knew it was not where I needed to be. Not that it was a bad job by any means- it would have been great! However, I knew God was preparing me for something else. On the way home I just said, "God, You have always brought my jobs to me, and I didn't have to look." Sure enough, the next day I received a text message about a potential job. I called after I got off. Quit BOTH of my jobs the next day with a semi-2 weeks notice and started the following Monday.  I am now a courier at a law office in downtown Raleigh - Full time.. So here I am driving around in downtown Raleigh like I've never done before, and I kind of like it! Thankful for God's provision and showing His faithfulness to me.

Ahhh.. yes.. the taste buds are changing too. I am finally craving the taste of coffee, or something like that. They say the addiction creeps in disguised as a frappe. Well, ALL I can think about right now is how I can get to the McDonalds and get me one.. Ahhhh..

The cooler weather has made me more excited than ever about college football. I pretty much like other sports but have not faired well in this area of the ESPN realm. Maybe it's because I've never been to a game, but that will all change very soon hopefully! Looking forward to all that the Fall has to offer: trips, football, fun friends, State Fair Round 5 ahhhhh! and a piece of fried pecan pie :)

Change is good. This is my life... and I love it!

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  1. yay! Love the post! I've never been to a game either and want to go this year with ya'll!