Friday, September 2, 2011

For the Love of Fall

Candy Corn * Football * State Fair * Pumpkins * Cooler mornings/nights * Scarves, Skinny Jeans, and Boots * Deep Fried Pecan Pie * Festivals * Thanksgiving * Lazy Weekends * Beautiful leaves * the mountains * Sweaters *

My hearts skips a beat with excitement of the approaching Fall season. I will stay in Summer as long as the weather permits [sounding like a weatherman there]. BUT I love love love Fall. I say that for every season, but I'm pretty sure that Fall gets the award for "Supreme Love".  Ahh.. Can't wait, but I will.

Dr. Seuss has nothing on this list of "Oh the places I will/want to go!":
- NC State football game
- A corn maze
- A pumpkin patch
- The Farmer's Market
- A festival of some sort
- One whole Saturday of friends and football - this is obviously not a place but an event :)
- The State Fair - Round 5.. more to come on that!
- 10K in Raleigh
- NOFO and Hi5; I've never been to NOFO and would love to try it. Hi5 is just a favorite.
- Country Line Dancing
- And of Course .. PRAGUE!

Yeah, my list looks a little busy. But that's how I like my life - busy and fun :)

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  1. NOFO is amazing! Lets go there and then to Gigi's!