Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Leaky Eyes

Lindsay likes to call it "leaky eyes" when she tears up.  I like to call it tears. And tears they are. Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself tearing up about the same situation on several occasions.  I try to use my downtime at work wisely by searching every high and low on the world wide web for a job.  So here it begins:

Begin search for jobs.
Look at every website I can find.
Realization that I can not find a job.
Realization that I should not have gone to school for History.
Realization that I have no real "skill" to fall back on.
Realization that you still have to know people in the church job world.
Realization that I know no one.
Realization that I am still currently doing the same jobs I did when I was 18.
Realization that I have a Master's degree and BS degree and still working those jobs.
Realization that I could possibly be doing this the rest of my life.
Realization that I don't have insurance and just want to go to the dentist.
Tear... Sniffle... Cry.. Kleenex... and the cycle repeats itself.

Realization that God is providing for me now.
Realization that He has met all of my needs thus far.
Realization that I am wanting for nothing.
Realization that He called me to this and will see me through it.
Realization that my faith is weak and in need of His strength.
Realization that my health and teeth are in great condition, at least I think so.
Realization that He is God, and I am not.
Tear.. Sniffle.. Cry.. Kleenex... Leaky Eyes.

The End.
This is my life.. and I'm embracing it.

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