Friday, August 12, 2011


Not rice. Not bird seed. Not bubbles. Not rose petals.  But sprinkles. Yes, sprinkles.


If you are a girl, you know very well that the afore mentioned items are thrown at a bride and groom when they are leaving the reception to go on their honeymoon.  I decided almost 4 years ago that I would have guests throw sprinkles.

During my first semester at seminary, I took a Counseling Women class. What has stuck is Romans 8:28, and the example the teacher gave in that moment. We all know the verse to some extent. But to sum up the brief explanation of the verse, the teacher gave this example.  She said that we have all the good in life. We have exactly what the Father intends for us to have. If we are walking in His will, then we have what He wants for us at this very moment. Some of the lecture centered around singleness. So if you can go with me on this one, singleness is good. I can enjoy so much as a single girl right now that I may not get to partake in once I get married.. at least not to the same extent. [Believe me, it takes a work to constantly think on this aspect] BUT  That is the icecream. It is good. Being single is okay. I'd like to think of my time as a single gal as a double scoop of Moosetracks.. especially with all the random things I've gotten to go and do and be a part of.

However, one day... the Sprinkles will come.. the icing on the cake, if you will.  The sprinkles don't have to be your "husband to be". It can be a job. Or for some a family.. so on and so forth.  The point is that right now, we have the good in life. We have the icecream. We have exactly what God intends for us to have in this moment. Sometimes we might focus on that icecream melting more than it should, but in the end the promises of His good and perfect will for our life will come to be. And the sprinkles will just enhance the icecream and not just complete it. Umm. So yeah. I hope you have been able to connect all this. Maybe find some encouragement from it all.

In the end, this is why sprinkles will be thrown at the end of my wedding as me and my husband-to-be run off into the clear blue yonder. I have the good .. He will just add to the awesomeness that is my life :)

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