Friday, July 1, 2011

"You'd think it was the 4th of July.."

Fourth of July
Fourth of July! a starry garland for the fourth of july
July FourthFourth of JulyFourth of July

          I LOVE the 4th of July! I love all holidays, but I think the 4th defines Summer.  I always thought when I was little that I would grow up and throw these awesome 4th of July parties complete with burgers, corn on the cob, a basket watermelon, and homemade icecream. Just like the ones in all of the magazines.  It's not too late for all of that, but it won't be this year.  Plans for this year's 4th include: the Peachtree Road Race with Lindsay and Lacie, eating - lots of eating, a Braves game, laying out, fireworks in some capacity, and just hanging out in Atlanta for a fun weekend with the girls [Brittany and Lane included]!

                                   Thankful for the freedom we celebrate on this day!
                                              Happy Fourth of July!

This is my life.. and I love it!

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