Thursday, June 30, 2011

June, Sweet June.. So long!

At the beginning of June, I posted some goals. Well, in good goal-setting fashion, there comes a point when you have to analyze those goals, or at least see where you given up and need to try harder the next go-round.
I must say, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

* Less sweets- Now, let's be real about this. Taking sweets away from me is like taking crack away from an addict. It's difficult! But I did manage to limit myself and control portions. However, me and the hot fudge lava cake on the cruise got along just fine!

* Apply for 10 jobs - Epic fail. I only applied for 1.

* Run 6 miles- By the power of the sweet Lord, I did 6 miles Tuesday morning. I realized Monday night that I had not accomplished, let alone attempted, this goal. So, with all determination, I woke up Tues am at 6:30 to eat my pre-run peanut butter sandwich. I said a little prayer for strength and off I went. I left the apartment at 7:30 and ran 6 miles around the Wakefield area. I finally felt like one of those runners who you pass while you are driving, and they look like they are actually enjoying what they are doing.

* It wasn't Chinese, but I did end up eating hot dogs at the pool with Shonica and several other ladies. It was totally pulled together at the last minute, and everyone grabbed what they had to contribute and came out. Nothing was duplicated, and everything was delicious :)  Hot dogs, chips, cookies, baked beans, fruit, popsicles, and lemonade. Excellent summer meal.

* Trying new foods- This month I have managed to begin drinking V8 Fruit Fusion. Whew! It's a work in progress. I did have grilled zucchini on the cruise and wanted some more when I got back. I had two salads on the boat too. My newest thing this summer is oil and vinegar. I want it on EVERYTHING! Every summer I acquire a new taste and can't get enough of it. In the past few years, it has been hush puppies, potato salad, and sweet potato fries. I didn't say it was good for me! I just laugh at my cravings- worse than a pregnant woman.

4 out of 5= not bad at all!

Goals for July:
- Memorize 4 verses. Not to put a notch in my belt. But this is an important discipline that I am no good at. I can memorize song after song, but don't dedicate time to Scripture.
- Sign up for a half marathon.
- Write more - whatever form that may take.
- Write support letter for Prague.

This is my life.. and I love it!

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