Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spoon Girl and the Rest of the Cruise

Bermuda, Bahamas, Come on pretty mama!

Yes, I finally got to experience what the Beach Boys make all the fuss about .. And I LOVED it! To say that a vacation was needed is an understatement. My friend Devon and I had been talking about going a cruise for a couple of months. I secured the week off; we booked a week and half before we left. Go figure. -- I absolutely love to travel. This is coming from the elementary kid who didn't like to spend the night off from home and the college girl who went to college only 30 min away from home. But now I love it. So the Bahamas it was! Any excuse to wear a dress all day and bathing suit.. Hello! Sign me up! Here are just a few recaps...

Spoon girl- Not feeling so great the first night on the boat, and we go to a show. The MC says he wants to get all the party poopers out of the audience. No sooner than I get out of my mouth to Katie that I'm not feeling well... what do you know.. I'm grabbed to go on stage! That's just how my life rolls.. walk into walls and get picked for crazy stuff. Fast forward. We are to be a part of a relay on stage where a spoon attached to a string has to go through all team members clothes. Yes! I know.. Shameful! I just grabbed my face like Kevin McCallister on Home Alone at that point. Well, other team won. So when spoon got to me, I didn't do a thing. Just held it there. No. MC wasn't having that. And there it dropped right down my sundress - a kitchen utensil. Then we had to go back through the process of pulling it out of all clothes. And we won! Proud moment! The rest of the weekend people randomnly asked if I was the "Spoon Girl."

We finally found somewhere to dance!

The Bahamas- BEAUTIFUL! I can't say it much more clearer than that. I have always been pretty sketched out by ocean water. Myrtle Beach and JAWS just messed me up. But the Bahamas are such a different movie! You can see your feet and the white sand.. and I just couldn't get enough of it. We went to the Atlantis and looked around and stayed on the beach for a little while. I rode a banana boat.. maybe next time parasailing.

Getting off the boat in the Bahamas!
Carnival Staff- poor things worked hard! They were like the guy from "The Proposal", who randomnly appeared in every situation. On Saturday morning I woke up early and went to breakfast by myself. I covet a little bit of "me" time every now and then. I noticed on my way there that every staff person I walked by and said "Good Morning!" to, that they didn't really know how to take it. Then I thought about other instances where I had interacted with crew members in days before. Same interaction.  They were caught off guard when someone was nice to them!!! Crazy Americans.. do we not know how to be considerate of others? This very topic was brought up at our dinner table that night with our table guests.  One of the guys mentioned the same thing before I could say anything. He commented that people he said thank you, good morning, good evening, etc. didn't know what to do..  Sad story.

We didn't see anyone famous.. BUT we/I did manage to eat 2 steaks, 2 hot fudge lava cakes, bowls of Jello [weird craving on the cruise], bowls of icecream, rode a banana boat, exercised a little, sang karaoke, saw a Bradley Cooper look-a-like, a replica of what I think Cee-Lo's sister would look like, and a group of cruisers who we graciously deemed "the Jersey Shore Parents". It was much fun! \

Last night on the cruise.

This is my life.. and I love it!

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