Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Walks into Walls

Not totally sure that I will change my blog title. But me and my coworker Jill were just talking about how we walk into everything. I will think I have full clearance of a chair, wall, desk, table.. you name it.. but in the end I will walk right into it. At this point in life, I can only laugh at it. It actually cracks me up.  So.. I say: That's my life story- Walking into Walls. And Jill said, "That's what you should call your blog." To which I aptly reply, "It could be my Indian Name - Walks into Walls.

This is my amusing moment for the day.

And in other news... It's not really news at all. It's more of like one of those moments where the light bulb comes on and you're just like "Duh Erin", or at least that's what I say to myself. But anyways.. Last week I was on the cruise and this week I am at work. I've started reading this great book called "twentysomething" by Margaret Feinberg that Lane recommended. All of this will get to a point. I assure you. While on the cruise, I read from Psalm 37 on the way home and just continued to meditate on that for the past couple of days. We all know that verse that sticks out in 37 that we like to hold on to as our winning golden ticket - "Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." Do we ever stop to really think what delight means here? I know that I always focus on the 2nd half of this verse.. God, please give me what I want. So let's focus on delight for a minute. To delight in God is to seek to know, love, and serve God. It's simple and difficult at the same time because our selfishness gets in the way of simple worship.  As we seek to know God and love Him more, our desires will be granted because our desires are transformed into what He desires for us.

All of that said. The cruise, of all things, helped me realize how much my life really needs to just slow down. I am so busy and always doing things, which is okay, but there comes a point when I just need to slow down and enjoy Him.  I want my life to be simple. I want my life to reflect a heart that desires to know God, love God, and serve Him.  Though I have always been fascinated with moving to Nashville [and still am], it may be that that's not where I am supposed to be. God only knows the pieces to that puzzle. But in order to delight in Him, I have to give up those desires of my own heart and submit to the desires that He has for me. 

Now back to the book. Told you it'd come full circle eventually. My book "twentysomething" that I had ordered for the cruise [but it didn't make it in time] was waiting for me when I got home.  Reading the quote on the back just confirmed my thoughts and prayers during the trip.

                         We are not defined by our careers or our relationships or even our life's
                         passions.  God's ultimate and immediate will for our lives as believers
                         becomes simply this: That we would pursue Him EVERY SINGLE DAY
                         of our lives. That is what defines us. That is what fulfills us.
                                                                -Bebo Norman.

This is my life.. and I love it.

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