Friday, July 15, 2011

It was the best of times..

It was the best of times...Full House. Salt-N-Pepa. Browning Jackets. Scrunchies. Pop Music. 90210.
It was the worst of times...Parachute pants. Grunge wear. Ricki Lake Talk Show. The Macarena.

Just borrowing that from Charles Dickens.. but the 90's were a good decade. I may be a child of the 80's, but my heart will forever be linked to the 1990's.  Just typing those small bits of pop culture above brought a smile to my face.  I was too little to live and know about it during the second half of the 80's, and so the 90's will forever live on. On two separate occassions during the 4th of July weekend,  the radio found its way to 90's stations.. and BOY! DID I LOVE IT!  So without further ado, this entry is dedicated to the 90's - my own stories for now. I hope this brings a smile to your face as you think about those awkward days of growing up 90's style :)

This is my life...

I remember going on a field trip in the 5th grade and finally having my own personal CD player. Everybody had one for the longest time, except for me. When I finally got one for my birthday and went on another trip, I listened to Ace of Base "The Sign" over and over and over again because I finally had a CD player and could do that. I thought I was the junk!

When I was in 7th and 8th grade, it seemed like we were always having parties. Maybe that's where I get it from now. But I just laugh at it now- there was ALOT of Macarena going on in those days, and in between that.. there was a lot of boys on one side and girls on the other.  I remember rocking out some platform tennis shoes [for whatever reason I thought they were cool] and trying for myself a pair of shoes like Cher would have worn on Clueless.  They looked something like this:


At another said party in the 8th grade [we partied alot! but no drinking, I assure you], I had my most embarrassing outfit moment. I still bite my lip over that one.  Being the open book that I am, I shall tell.  It was my crush's birthday party [crush since 4th grade] and I was invited!! Woo Hoo, right? WRONG! My mama was out of town, and I was not totally up on fashion then. So what do I wear.. A stinkin' Hummingbird screen print shirt with Myrtle Beach written on it! Seriously? Nothing says "I heart you" like that does. It kills me even today to think about it. It was much like the one to the right. I  just laugh.

I also wore a "Gilligan" hat to school one day because I worked up my nerve to buy one. I thought I would be cool wearing it. Not only that, but I pulled my athletic socks up to mid calf and attempted to rock that also. For all of those who think I would represent Target well in their ads, these are the ghosts that haunt me :)

 Remember when TGIF was interrupted because OJ was running from the cops. Remember when Topanga put that lipstick all over her face.. or when Laura and Steve Urkell finally kissed?

I had the biggest crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the 5th grade... Sometimes referred to as JTT, because I'd like to think that we were on a first name basis, or nickname basis.  I think it all started when I was in the library and found out this boy in my class liked me. I picked up a Bop! or something and said "Nope, I like him." Funny how things start like that. I'm pretty sure I had this picture in poster form.
Ahh... the good ole days! This has been fun. I hope you have enjoyed my stories of pure 90's-ness.  More to come. Preview: Spin Doctors and "Little Miss Can't be Wrong". Have a good weekend!

... and I love it!

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