Friday, July 8, 2011

Embracing Joey Potter

I am Joey Potter. Now granted, I certainly don't have a Pacey or Dawson to choose between, although I would have chosen Pacey too. But I am Joey Potter. I watch Dawson's Creek before I go to bed. It is my way to unwind and seems to be less of a mess than most shows these days. Why am I Joey Potter? Well, I am an analyzer. I analyze everything.

I am a Christian- a follower of Christ. I stumble and fall, but am held by His strength. I am a trophy of God's grace. I am fun. I am creative. I am a planner and organizer. I love my family. I love my friends. I care for them and hurt for them. I rejoice with them. I worry. I project. I dream. I try to control. I surrender, and then there's the vicious cycle. And more grace. I cry alot. I laugh even more. I focus on the details and rarely the big picture. I walk and run with my feet slightly pointed out- one correction I should have listened to my Mema about. I like my smile. I like my accent.  I don't smoke. I won't drink. I am a reality TV junkie. The dirty secret is out. I like the end pieces of a loaf of bread. I like folded over potato chips.  Chocolate chip cookies make me happy. I don't like vegetables. I don't like fruit. I like to run. I like to talk. I like to be loud. I like to keep to myself. I like the beach. I like the mountains. I like crisp Fall days. I like the first days of Spring.  I like thunder but am terrified of lightening. I want to be on America's Next Top Model but only for the photo shoots. I like country music and rap. I like being from the country. I like living in the city.I like to talk in short, concise sentences. My thoughts are the same. I like the "dot dot dot", but not what Bentley talks about. In that respect, I like doors to be opened. I like clarity. I like honesty. I like to dance. I like to dance some more.

I like to write.

This is my most recent analysis of myself. I like to write. I could repeat it over and over again, except it's not going to change anything. It won't change unless I begin to write. With that being said, I will write. I will make a better attempt at producing blogs that reflect the analysis up there. Most importantly, I want my blog to reflect me. No, I am not Joey Potter [for the most part anyways], but I am Erin Gandy. And I shall write.

PS- But wouldn't it totally be okay if there was a Pacey.. just saying. :)

This is my life.. and I love it!

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