Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bachelorette - Week 2

I realize that "The Bachelorette" started last week, but this week is when all the "stops" come out, and the game is on. Last night, some girls came over to watch this week's episode. I must say I love the little parties that we have while watching and all the commentary in between. I realize that love in normal circumstances is not found on a tv show, nor do I think this is the way I will find love. But, hey, I can't say the thought hasn't crossed my mind :)

So here's my take on this week:

Bentley- DOG! So I know probably behind-the-scenes he may be getting paid for his ridiculousness, but the crazy thing is that there are guys out there who total behave in his manner. We just decided that Bentley's only after one thing when it comes to Ashley, and we're not talking about a wife or the fame. You figure it out.

William- What an awkward first date! Ashley took him to all these places you go for wedding preparations. Eek! Too soon.. too soon. He seemed to be in to it, but he lost all his cool points when he decided to steal Ashley away from all those who had not had one on one time. Seriously, it's like general code - CHILL!
He's not my frontrunner anymore.

Then there is all things South Carolina. I don't know where they get these cuties from, but I haven't seen them on any ordinary day in the home state. Not digging West. But Oh, Helloooo Blake! As I once said on first meeting the Rocket Summer, I would say, "I really like your teeth." Everyone knows I love a good set of teeth.. just sayin.

Mickey- Goober. That's all.
Ryan M. - I think I said aloud,  "I'm going to write him a letter like Lindsay did to Stephen."

So who are my picks at this point:
  Ben C.-  because he was adament about dancing next time.   - AND -

  Lucas - just because.

And to Tim from last week, who couldn't make it to the rose ceremony - Thanks for playing. There is no parting gift for you.


  1. Ha. You and the teeth! I like West! Seriously, his wife DIED. How can you not be digging him? And with a name like West? I've started tossing that around as a baby name.... ;)

  2. Yeah, I have previously thought about naming my son West or Weston. I know his wife died, but he doesn't have to act so "out front" and like he's better almost. I dont know.