Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something Borrowed Doesn't Mean the Groom

I rarely make time to sit down and watch a movie, much less go to the movies to see one. But today was the exception. I wanted to see "Something Borrowed", so I did. I don't really have much fantastic to say about the movie. I wouldn't buy it on DVD. That's how I rate stuff.  But I will add a few thoughts about it here.

"Something Borrowed" indicates that the best friend of the bride-to-be will borrow the fiance'.  They were all friends in law school. And this crazy love triangle, which is supposed to leave us wanting a happy ending is all but sane and awe-inspiring.  Maid of honor and groom figure out they really like each other. Groom is not man enough to break it off with bride. Bride and maid of honor are best friends. You get the picture.  I guess in some twisted way the author of this movie wants us to cheer someone on to the happy ending. But I found myself at the end cheering no one on.

It goes back to my days in "Marriage and Family."  Out of all my time at Southeastern, I am truly thankful for this class [Bapt. History too! and thats a freebie] But while I was watching "Something Borrowed", I couldn't help but think about how God desires marriage to be. And even before marriage.. the courting and engagement periods. We are to view marriage as a covenantal model. That means that marriage is a bond between man, woman, and God.  The relationship between man and woman is to represent Christ and his church. There are to be no breakings in the covenant. Neither party is allowed to walk away.  There are numerous covenants in the Bible - the Noahic, Abrahamic, Davidic, the New Covenant.  One important element of a covenant is a public oath between both parties. The public oath is taken to ratify the covenant. The public oath for a marriage is obviously saying the vows. -- Now we get to the good stuff. -- For one year prior to the public oath, their is a betrothal year between the man and woman. This is a time where both families and man and woman get to know one another [without physical intimacy].  According to Jewish nature, the betrothal year was just as legal as marriage.  It was a special time where both man and woman were committed to each other and their life together.

All of that to say -- "Something Borrowed" is a far cry from the beautiful picture that marriage is supposed to be. The engagement period here is not taken in its seriousness. It is just a time of fun until the vows are taken. No harm, no foul.  The fiance decides.. "oh, no.. maybe I like her", and goes after her. What kind of sense does that make! Think about Gen. 2:24 - "leave and cleave" means an indissoluble union is to be formed between man and woman. Not a moment of: let me look for the next best thing. The grass may be greener over there.

In its perfect form, marriage will reflect God's love for His people.God pursues us hard. We are totally rebellious and want to pull away, but He continues in His pursuit. So thankful that the reality of the gospel and the New Covenant is that Jesus died for us, and "It is finished."  The covenant can not be broken.  He isn't going to leave us or forsake us.  He tells us so continuously.  This is the Savior we have.


  1. This movie was crazy but I could think of no one I would rather endure it with than you and Kelly! Ha!

  2. She should've picked Ethan!!! LOL!