Monday, April 25, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

This year was the first time I have ever celebrated Easter without my family. I didn't go home because gas prices are getting just crazy, and I will be going home in 2 weeks to celebrate my birthday {woohoooo!} and Mother's Day. I was very excited to be spending Easter with my church family at Bay Leaf. I was quite a busy gal and by Sunday night I ended up with some kind of allergy mess and was super tired. But at the end of the weekend, I was just overjoyed at how the Lord was good and how much I enjoyed spending time with my church family to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is alive and because of His sacrifice we have victory!
Here is a recap [in list form] of my weekend. I think the world would be semi better if lists were for everything:
* Megan Roseen's Old Hollywood Bday Party
* 2 Wonderful runs with Lindsay and Lacie in prepartion for our 10K.
* Went to see "Water for Elephants" - covered my eyes and gasped a lot.
* Easter Egg Hunt at Bay Leaf and lunch with friends from church
* Some shopping for a new pair of running shoes.
* Pancake party at Lindsay's with Lacie, Brittany, Alexandra, and Lindsay of course. Somehow, we all ended up painting our nails.
* Church Sunday morning
* Easter dinner at Mrs. Bush's
* Cookout/hangout with other students at Joyner Park
* Pick up Lane at the airport

It was a great weekend! I am thankful for the many conversations I was able to have over the course of the few days. I even invited a friend from work to come over to Mrs. Bush's for Easter lunch [He is not a believer.] and he came! It was great. Hope your Easter was wonderful!
Pictures to come.


  1. Each time we see you, Junior comments that on how you are such an awesome girl! We see great potential in you and are exciting for the ministry He has in store for you. We will be praying that He will open up a position for you soon!

  2. You are too sweet! Thanks so much for your encouragement. Will be praying for you this weekend.

  3. I'm glad your first Easter with your church family was great! Sorry I didn't get back to you about lunch (now I wish I had come ;) but I completely forgot until 2:30 when we were sitting down to eat. Hope it was wonderful and hopefully see you soon!