Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

Kathie Lee and Hoda have a segment called "Favorite Things", and Oprah has a whole show about her favorites. Well, here is my attempt at my Top 10 favorites of the moment. They are in no specific order. Enjoy!

1. The Today Show- I can't very well have Kathie Lee and Hoda as my first mention on today's blog without saying HOW MUCH I love watching the Today Show. The 3rd and 4th hours are my most favorite. I can honestly say that I've even thought [more than once] about nominating myself as Fan of the Week for Kathie Lee and Hoda. They give awesome overnights for prizes... Why not?

2. The Cadberry Egg- It is my most favorite Easter candy there is. You either love them, or you hate them. And well I, I LOVE THEM! There’s this whole special technique about eating them that makes it even better.  I gave my mama the request/task of going to Eckerd’s to get the discount Easter candy. Mission accomplished! There will be cadberrys waiting on me when I get home!

3.  Running- I like to run, but I like the challenge more. I like to be able to say at the end, “Hey, I just ran that far!” I am itching to do another half marathon and will possibly begin training for that shortly after Peachtree. Now to find a faithful runner to do it with me!?

4. Feather extensions- I don’t know when it was that I saw these first, but they have grown on me, and I like them.  I can’t afford them, but I like them. I’ve always liked the thought of doing crazy things to my hair, but the permanent aspect weighed in. It took a year to get the highlights out. Too much! But at least the extensions won’t last forever. These are fun and look more subtle with brown hair. I just wanted yall to be able to see them. Fun fun!

5.  Last night I had a fun surprise.  I got to visit with Vaughn and Cleve Calcutt.  I went to Francis Marion with Vaughn and Cleve, and we were in BCM together. She texted me as I was leaving Mrs. Bush’s house to see if I still lived in Wake Forest. Imagine my surprise when she told me they were staying at the Manor House at SEBTS. No one ever pops into Wake Forest! So I got to visit with them for a bit and see Jackson. It is awesome how friendships can be so good that conversation can pick back up right where it left off and just keep on going.

6. Wedges- I have grown to like wedge sandals over the past year. I saw a pair of Jessica Simpson strappy brown wedges in Belk a couple of months ago. But they are too expensive for me. Sadness. But I went into Payless this weekend because I had a coupon and found a much cheaper version of exactly what I had envisioned. When I get a thought in my mind of how I want something to look, I am very picky until I find the exact right item.  So I got them and am very excited about wearing them with fun summer dresses and shorts. These are neither the ones I bought or the Jessica Simpson ones, but close enough. 

7. Mellow Mushroom- Lane and I go often. Bacon Pizza! Yum!

8. Photography and Wedding blogs- I spend more hours than necessary at work looking at photography and wedding blogs. I love the creativity of angles and shots. Makes me want my own camera a whole lot!

9.  Why? By Anne Graham Lotz- I mentioned previously that I was reading this book. It’s a small book, but I am still trucking through. It’s one of those books that you have to pause and process everything after you read a chapter. But it is honest and convicting and points to Truth.

10. And last but not least - DEVON! Happy Birthday! I hope your day is wonderful! I am thankful to God for Him placing you in my life as a trustworthy, loyal, creative, wonderful friend . 

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  1. i'm catching up on your blog! glad i made number 7!-- which is my favorite number!!! mellow mushroom SOON!