Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Recap, if you will

There is so much to tell but not much time at least on my end anyways. Several things: My brother has been asked to say the prayer at the Busch race in Darlington for NASCAR weekend over Mother's Day. Excited for him.

I am currently obsessed with looking at photography blogs.  Photography is quite amazing in that it captures wonderful moments with such precision.  What I've realized more and more is that a picture really is worth a thousand words.  If I had a camera, I would totally love to do this! My mind bursts with creativity more often than not. Check these pages out if you like:   - "The Notebook" inspired engagement session is incredible.
www.erindragophotography,com  - The Mac-truck graveyard.  - Check her blog more often than I should.  - Southeastern's Courtney
    *** I would totally include Devon here, if I remembered her web address. ***

Also, for the past couple of days I have been reading in 1 Samuel. I was thinking about Hannah and praying for the Lord to show me how this story that I obviously know well would relate to me seeing as how I don't desire a child right now. BUT. How wonderful! The Holy Spirit quickly revealed to me how Hannah had a natural desire for a child.  She knew that was her purpose in life. Well, I have been struggling more so with the job I am supposed to be doing beyond school.  I have a natural sense of wanting to fulfill that purpose and calling that He has placed on my life.  What I learned from the first two chapters:
- Hannah was persistent in prayer.
- God was Lord over her desires and showed her His sovereignty by granting her Samuel when His timing and purpose were right.
- Through this time, Hannah was able to gain a better understanding of who God is.
- The Lord God continued to bless Hannah because of her obedience.

For He is good to me! And I often fail to recognize that and be thankful for Him! Thankful for His grace!
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  1. Thank you for this reminder. I needed that today!! Love you, friend!