Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting Serious About This

I am excited to say that I am going to get serious about this blogging deal.  I enjoy writing, so I hope you enjoy reading.  Haha. This is for those 4 followers I have. Much Love :)  BUT I actually am writing a book, or well we shall say.. attempting. It's my first. I've always wanted to write. So I guess I started with the blog and began writing.. I am now 11 pages into this.

Word of Encouragement because God is good to me:
Still reading in Samuel.  Yesterday in my reading, I was reading 1 Samuel 3; this is where God calls out to Samuel. First to be noted, how many times did it take for Eli, himself, to realize that it was God who was calling Samuel. - Eli, at this point, not as sensitive to the Lord's voice.  When God calls Samuel and he knows to listen for the Lord, Samuel finally says, "Speak for your servant is listening" 1 Sam. 3:10. How often do I listen? I talk a lot anyways. And I sure talk a lot when it's time to talk to God. Lord, give me a heart like Samuel that is ready to listen to you! .. To be still. BUT the major thing I took away from this sweet time is something Mrs. Bush told me last week. Dr.Page spoke on this passage in chapel last week.  The will of God is found in the Word of God.   Samuel was able to deliver the prophecy to Eli regarding his family because of the words spken by God.   V.21 says that God continued to reveal Himself to Samuel through His word.  So that got me thinking .. If His will is revealed in His Word, what does that legitimately mean in my life today - Erin Gandy living in Raleigh. I actually thought about it all day and came to this: God's will for me now is that I would trust Him and wait for Him. Not wait on the job, the marriage, the 2.5 kids haha [sooo not yet], the ministry, etc. etc. I am to trust Him now. Look to Him now. Wait for HIM! God does not need my nudging as much as I think He does.  His will is revealed in His Word.. That Word to me is to "Trust in the Lord..." Prov 3:5.
1 Samuel 4- The Israelites use the ark of the covenant as their "lucky charm".  They thought the symbol of the ark was enough to get them victory, but they didn't have God in their hearts. That's just an extra little take away for the day. Do we see God as our "rabbit's foot or horseshoe"?

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