Friday, April 15, 2011

Because Mrs. Rhonda said so.

"Love is someone putting on their combat boots along side you, grabbing your hand when you want to give up and trudging through the muck and mess that (I/we/you) consistently find yourself creating. Love is someone thinking you are gorgeous at every angle. Not just the sexy, perfectly chosen, perfectly lit, possibly retouched version of yourself that you would send another humans personal device.
Love isn't someone writing an epic sentence about loving you forever and hitting send."   -Keltie

About a month ago I wrote a post about this, but then deleted it. But I'm back and ready.  I think what I like most about this quote is that it defines a bit of what has takenover relationships due to the technological era.  I know more than one or even two relationships that have ended with circumstances in such a way that the phone got in the way.  Now, I am not by any means saying that God is not sovereign over these relationships. But at some point, the phone just can NOT be the primary means of communication for a relationship. Don't get me wrong.. I love a good text message. They are fun and exciting - the world doesn't have to know what is being said. I guess the problem I have is when you can have hours of convo through text messages, and then when you see each other, there's nothing. 

I am by no means an expert on relationships. I'm not even in one, but I've learned a few things through the ones I've had.
To the Gentlemen, with love:
- We like to be asked out on dates. We will work on not thinking you immediately want to marry us. But can we please return to the days where there was no Facebook or text messaging and a guy either called a girl to ask her on a date, or he asked her to her face.  We may say no or no thank you rather, but believe me we DEFINITELY appreciate the offer. 
- We do like our doors to be opened.  Personally I like every door to be opened for me.  It let's the guy be the leader in that aspect, and it also returns to some chivalry.  We are sorry that the Feminist movement of the 70's and 80's may have changed one into thinking that we don't like that.  We may come across independent but really we/I adore it when you take the time to open our door :)
- Plan for us. Consider us. But plan. I know that we are in that time period where it's all about some equality, but we love it when you decide what we are doing.  I am sorry if we have not made it seem that way, and we try to overpower you. We're sorry that we do that. That Eve, she just tries to be in charge!  But Man and Woman were created by God in such a way that Man was meant to be the provider, protector, leader. If we want to "suggest", you know we will.  But as we are being transformed into the likeness of Christ, we should be longing to fulfill the roles we were created for.
- And lastly, and this is for fun:
  *Make sure you wear TWO shoes to pick up your date.
  * Don't say the "God is great" blessing for the food [We know and hope you can do better when being  thankful to our Lord].
  * And we don't care who you know .. name dropping/ gossipping is unattractive.

To the Ladies, with kindness:
- Be kind and be upfront. If a guy has asked you out and you don't see it going in the direction of marriage, don't drag him along. Be honest.  Be an encourager. And most importantly, thank him for the date he has asked you on.
- Guard the hearts and minds of the guys in your life - school, church, work.  Be aware of the things you say and what you wear.  I'm not talking like be an Amish person. But seriously, some of the things I see girls wear these days blow my mind.  I guess as the old saying goes that I think I heard once or twice is "If you're not selling, then don't advertise." That goes for your words too.
- Finally, decide now how you will handle friendships with guys in your life. You are protecting yourself now to avoid later confusion.

So it's done. Hope you've enjoyed. Mrs. Rhonda Core told me to go with it.. and I went.. This is the blog for today :)  Off this weekend to Winston-Salem for my friend Nikki's wedding. Excited!

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  1. I love this. Wise words on relationships - even if you're not in one right now. I'm so thankful for you!