Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Breaking Blog Silence. Like Breaking Bad but not at all.

Happy 2nd Day of Spring! I'm finally seeing some sun and the two feet of snow is melting! Praise!
I've been pretty silent around these parts with good reason...

Yes, yes I've been working like a Santa's elf to get a new blog up and running. Back at the beginning of the year, Jeremy encouraged me to invest time and effort into some creative outlet. I'd run the gamut already of my brilliant ideas and with nothing to show for it.  After reading "Restless", I decided to go with what I believe God has gifted me with and write. Why had I been avoiding the ONE thing I love to do? So, off I went and took a writing course in February. I felt like I was back in school all over again with deadlines and such. But nonetheless, here we are. On April 4th, I'm going to launch a new blog- this day is important to me because it's the day Jeremy first emailed me... and then a year later asked me to be his wife. In honor of his encouragement, I will launch the new blog on April 4th! More details to come! Just know.. the move is happening, and we are excited!!!

I've also had the brilliant (maybe crazy idea) to begin another Instagram account. Inspired by @whoawaitwalmart, I looked around and saw how much my house is made up of Dollar store finds. And I began a fun endeavor. Follow along @ohhellodollar to see how to brighten up your home and use cheap finds for hospitality and inviting others in! I think hospitality is one of the smallest, yet impactful, ways of loving others. Dollar store finds assist in making hospitality easy!

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