Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What's Trending

In an attempt to make it to the 8 o'clock hour for What's Trending and PopStart on the Today Show, I always read my Bible, work out and then park it on the couch as soon as Matt Lauer begins talking at 8. Hello, Today Show! So today's blog post is all about the things trending in my own life. I find myself in the zone with TV shows, music, books etc. and will inevitably be hooked for months. Side note: I realize most of these things are not currently the trend, but I've finally caught up with the cool kids. Whew!


Okay, okay.. Yes I've been working on John Adams for quite some time. I sure did take it with me to get my oil changed today and just kept it classy while waiting. Andi's book is one I'll ride the bike at the gym while reading .. because ... well, if you're going to read trash, you might as well get some benefit going. 



Flo-rida "Welcome to my House"
Should you see me riding down the road or "over the mountain",


I am a TV- lover. Though I don't often sit still enough to watch, there's nothing like watching a good TV show.. train wreck.. sports competition. Jeremy and I have been hooked on the Olympics. At this point, I think these folks are my friends. If you've never watched "The Middle", do yourself a favor and turn it to Hallmark anytime after 9 during the week? If this isn't typical America, I'm just not sure what is.


 Seeing as how I had some Saltines left over from the sickness that was, I decided to make these Homemade Skor bars from Andrea at Momfessionals. I made them when Amanda and I lived together. I'm sure I didn't make them exactly right then, but we obviously didn't throw them away. These don't look like much, but let's just say I'm having to practice a good amount of what we like to call restraint. Jeremy isn't hatin' on them either.

Click here to get the recipe and try it for yourself!  Yummy! You WILL NOT be disappointed.

Also - Don't forget Erin's Book Club is currently doing "No Other Gods" by Kelly Minter!
And that's what's trending folks!

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