Thursday, August 18, 2016

Since I said Goodbye to Full Time Work

It's been a year since I packed my boxes and shed a few tears walking out of my office at the Biblical Recorder. I was on to new adventures I told myself. I was on to becoming a wife to the Mr. It didn't take much packing or preparation. In fact, I only had one box. I never was one to really bring a lot into the office. My staff surrounded me with a few celebrations bidding me farewell. Though I walked out of that door a year ago, I've never looked back.

Very early on in my relationship with Jeremy, we discussed my desire to be a full time wife and mother. I didn't exactly know that he would be the one I'd be the wife to at that time. Hello, it was literally probably two weeks in to the whole escapade. But I wanted to be honest when the discussion topic found its way into our conversations. On the day I left the BR and full time work behind, I remembered the desires I was heading toward. That's why I've never looked back.

Since saying goodbye to full time work, the transition wasn't always easy. It still isn't some days; however, those days are few and far between. I wanted to make my own money. I wanted to contribute to the income. What would it look like for me to stay at home and serve my family? Would I feel valued? Would I contribute anything to the home? I felt selfish for wanting to purchase a top or dress with our money. The lies of satan are FIERCE when it comes to making the decision to leave full time work in the corporate sense to full time work in the home. I vividly remember mopping the floor and thinking "this is all I do." Now I would say - "You're darn right! That's what I do.. I want a clean house." I recently read an article about the home and it being a place of relaxation from the world. This is my task- to comfort us when the world is crazy. And we all know it's just that-- crazy. Sweetly Jeremy was always encouraging and brought me "back to earth" and grounded me as we navigated the newlywed waters during the first several months. Truth is, I love being in this home. I love this being my full time job. Because let's be real, maintaining a home is not easy.

On the other side saying goodbye to full time work, the transition was easy. I didn't want to punch a clock. I wanted to create a schedule of my own. I wanted time to create in the kitchen and be involved in Bible study during the day with ladies instead of at night when Jeremy is home. We actually have a few commitments at night. But I seriously wanted - sleep, working out and Bible reading to be on my schedule and not crunched in. Praise!

I've enjoyed saying goodbye to full time work. I've enjoyed navigating the waters of becoming a wife. Now that I've gotten a semi-handle on things I've started working part time. This has just been for enjoyment and meeting new people and not to add to the income as a main focus. My friend Torri said I should do something I love if I don't have to work, and that is exactly what I've started doing. The History-lover is satisfied. The semi extrovert is satisfied.

Since I've said goodbye to full time work, all is well. Thank you Jeremy for being my provider here on earth and allowing me to fulfill my desires of being a homemaker and thus saying goodbye to full time work.

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  1. Erin, thank you SO MUCH for sharing this post!!! In June I married my Mr. and became a stay-at-home wife (until I can find at job at Ft Knox, which is easier said than done!) I often feel discouraged because I feel like I don't do anything all day and I wish I could be contributing to our family's finances. I'm so glad to know I'm not alone! <3