Saturday, August 13, 2016

Erin's Book Club: No Other Gods

Two blog posts in one day is just pure madness! BUT I've had this little tab on my menu bar for some time, and I've never actually followed through. Here is the follow through. The time has come.

Over the last several days, I've found myself reading Psalm 34 on repeat. I've even been singing the words to this Psalm over and over. While reading, I've been greatly challenged in my relationship with the Lord. The Holy Spirit has graciously been revealing to me the nature of my relationship with the Lord - ever growing.. ever pruning. Connect this to a conversation I had with Jeremy about what our relationship with the Lord is to look like: It is not to look like a "get out of hell free card," but rather it should be one of submission and delight in our Lord. Ashamedly I'll admit my relationship has at times looked more like that former rather than the latter. And yet, He continues to be gracious and call me to follow Him.

The call to follow Him is continuous, arduous, a blessing, a gift. It is a call of tasting and seeing that He is good. I was reminded of a Kelly Minter study I did several years ago before I met Jeremy called No Other Gods. This was such a challenging study as many of my own mini gods were revealed. Tough stuff. When the rich young ruler asked to follow Jesus, He gently showed him all of the idols that were in the way of truly following Him. These gods we create in the idol factories of our heart prevent true satisfaction in the Lord. To follow Him and delight in Him, we must deny these gods.

This brings me to the first Book Club. I've decided to embark on the No Other Gods study again. Join along. Run to Lifeway and grab the book. Each Saturday I will post a week end review. We can all do this together!

Also! Friends, if you live in the Raleigh area, Kelly Minter is doing a conference Sept 16-17! Check out her website for details!

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