Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bestie Road Trip

This post is long overdue. Like LONG overdue. Amanda and I took the road trip back to New York at the end of June. Jeremy had a conference for work, and I decided to stay in SC for the time being. Amanda obliged and hopped in the car for the long road trip back north like all good besties would do. 

There were gas station donuts. There were plenty of road trip snacks (an essential). Not a moment of silence to be found. A hotel night stay, and a healthy dose of history.

We decided we wanted to take in Gettysburg, since it was on the way up. Can I just say - One of the best decisions! This place was just fantastic. My history-lovin heart could barely contain itself. We creeped over to the site where the Gettysburg Address was given. And by creeped I mean, I thought it was illegal, but it most definitely was not. No running necessary. 

Gettysburg has a Visitor's Center and museum, which I for one am all about. I convinced Amanda to get a Passport book for historical landmarks, and we proudly stamped away! I found this Lincoln statue on the way out of town and jumped out of the car to snap the picture. I promised I would run to catch up with Amanda, as she was the one driving. Yes, I certainly had to run - but it wouldn't be a trip to Gettysburg without honest Abe!

Me: Excuse me sir. We would like to see the actual battlefield. Is that on the way out?
Man working the Visitor's Center booth: (Unamused) It's all around you.
Me: Noted.

No filter of Gettysburg my friends - I may have hung out the window like a dog to capture this, but I'd say it is postcard worthy...

In my efforts to convince Amanda of the greatness that is NYC, we decided to take a Big Bus Tour - uptown and downtown. The one request was to see the MET.

We never plan our food well, so we grabbed hot dogs from a street cart. When in Rome..

The MET in all its glory. 

We ended the trip at Chickfila and a little shopping/browsing before Amanda had to fly home. Bestie road trips are just good for the soul. 

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