Sunday, July 3, 2016

I've Tasted and Seen: Expounding the IG post

"O taste and see that the LORD is good." Psalm 34:8

Jeremy and I decided to take a Saturday night stroll across the closest bridge to our house. The weather here is finally the stuff dreams are made of - no humidity, blue skies and bright sunshine. We've finally returned from our Southern respite of 2.5 weeks in the lands that are slower, more quiet and filled with family and friends. We were finally home.

I've been a ball of emotions over the last two weeks as I've seen many family members and reunited with friends left behind in North Carolina. On my IG post, I warned that I am not pregnant. The considerable amount of tears that have flowed down these cheeks have been in response to the Lord's goodness. Though I've seen Him work in wonderful, awe-inspiring ways, it is sometimes the simplest of things that allow you a greater intimacy with Him - morning walks with my mama; family outings for a downtown concert with a sunset to kill in the backdrop; stepping in the bath tub with sweet M so she wouldn't scream when the water washed her hair; the sweetest of friends getting a surprise engagement last night / the answer to many of our prayers; a husband who knows me better than myself; a road trip with a best friend where we didn't take a breath of silence; and familiar faces that I love because the Lord gifted us a friendship. There was much transition over the last several weeks as I lived primarily out of a suitcase, but I wouldn't trade it for a thing. 

To see the Lord's goodness in the smallest of ways has humbled me. I don't have perfect or even pretty days for the most part. Most days I never put on make up. Some days I don't even want to smile because I'm beating myself up about something dumb I've said or done. Yet, He is gracious. He is good. He is kind. And just like I can't have a small bite of a cookie and must instead eat the entire thing, when we get a taste of the Lord's goodness -- we desire it more. 

I am thankful for the Lord's faithfulness in our marriage. I am thankful for the answers to His prayers in the smallest of ways. I'm pleased to make those "sipping noises" as M pours me a glass of pretend tea. I'm grateful for a family that I have such a love for that I have a hard time of leaving them when I pull out the driveway. I am thankful today. I've tasted and seen...

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