Friday, March 18, 2016

The Staches Take Manhattan

When family comes to town, you take them to New York City. My heart beats all sorts of happy just seeing the New York skyline! You may remember Jeremy and I taking a trip into the city around Christmas and being absolutely defeated by Manhattan. We took a beating and will probably never venture to see the tree on a Saturday again. This time we wanted to make a plan and show Manhattan who was boss - We did. Like. A. Boss. 

My friend Laura reminded me of the New York Pass, and we took full advantage. I'd used the pass before when I came to the city for my graduation present. My mom and I mapped our way through NYC and were determined to pull one over on this pass. If you plan to visit the city any time soon, I highly suggest the NY pass. (My own opinion and not a sponsored post.) I think we all had a great time. Jeremy and I felt nothing but sweet victory when leaving the borough that night on the train.

1st Stop - Madame Tusseud's Wax Museum
Jeremy got a little into it and insisted he have a picture with John Wayne.

Karly and I laughing it up with Wax Jimmy Fallon.

2nd Stop - Planet Hollywood
3rd Stop - Big Bus Tour. Top deck. Rollin high up. 

Bus view of Times Square.

4th Stop - SNL Exhibition
We partied hard like it was Wayne's World. 

View from the bus of the Chrysler building.

5th Stop - Top of the Empire State Building
He wanted a kiss. I obliged.

6th - Back on the bus to the south end. WTC 1

7th Stop - Lady Liberty
We hopped off the bus and ran through Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty.
It looks a lot closer than this picture would lead one to think.

We ended the evening by walking over to Rockefeller Plaza and cookies from Magnolia Bakery only before eating dinner at Grand Central.
She's a grand one alright!

These would be the faces of happy tourists.

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