Monday, March 28, 2016

The Solid Rock - Easter 2016

There have been such a string of emotions in these parts. I'm certain Jeremy has grown quite accustomed to my tears, but there are many times when I just don't want to cry. I would like for it to stop. This Easter and the surrounding days I was confronted more than ever with our broken, fallen world. I have a friend who is approaching a very important surgery and is fearful of the surgery's results. A blogger lost her 7-month old son last week. The same friend who is having surgery lost her grandmother unexpectedly over the weekend.  Another friend mourns the loss of her grandmother a year ago. And this is the world in which we live - broken, fallen, grieving, mourning. What has been ringing in my mind all day is this: In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

This Easter weekend came and in the light of all that has been happening around me, I was left overwhelmed by the grace of the gospel. I was able to look the gospel squarely in the face and recognize the Truth that comes from a loving Father and not an angry God that I have so often confused Him with. Our loving Father has graciously promised to take us out of this world. I gracious loving Father has promised us eternal life. He has given us hope. Hope is what I am clinging to in this world that so easily disappoints. Hope is what I cling to in this world that also offers such ecstatic joy. Beyond this momentary life, we hope in a new heaven and new earth that will grant us greater joy than this world will offer. We also hope in a new heaven and new earth that overcomes the world - completely and finally.

After yesterday's sermon at church, I understand that our hope is not in a thing. It's not in an even that will bring us joy. It is not in a person of this world such as a family member or friend. Our hope is in Jesus Christ who rose from the dead over 2000 years ago. Without that hope, our faith is worthless.

On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

Easter 2016. Though the dates are different each year, Jeremy and I 
started emailing each other shortly before Easter 2014.

Last week, some of the West Point ladies made homemade Reese eggs. Jeremy didn't complain.

We have an eating problem. Not 1, but 2 Spring time Panera cookies were consumed this weekend.

Sweet thang M in her Easter dress! Plus it was her daddy's bday. Jordy and I both have holiday days this year! She needed a bit of entertainment Easter morning. Her face reads: Why wan't this remote work?However, later in the evening during our Skype session, she was all smiles as we sang "If you're happy and you know it."

Tulips. I have become a flower girl. Lane Lee might've had something to do with it.  Jeremy and I hosted his friend, Aaron, for Easter lunch. Again - we love to eat.


  1. Such a great post. Indeed our hope is in Christ our Savior. Can you hook a girl up with your hommade reeses pb egg recipe little mrs. betty crocker? ;)

    1. Man, the 2nd time i've done this. I need to make sure i'm signed in and not jesse. haha.