Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When You Meet Meredith Vieira

And I completely kept my cool. Whew!

Yesterday, my friends and I headed into the city for a taping of the Meredith Show. This is her last season, and we wanted to get in on the action. We're going strong on our 15 minutes of fame! We scored VIP tickets because I pulled the military card and mentioned we were Army wives when requesting tickets. We got prime time seats, folks.  

Meredith is the only one who will allow you to take pictures inside the studio. My panoramic setting on the phone got some love yesterday.. several times. Until I perfectly mastered this bad boy, so you can feel like you're right there with us.

I was a little excited. Just a bit. I had visions of Meredith and Lance and I becoming best friends and dancing to Bye! Bye! Bye! #agirlcandream

Brightly dressed and ready to go. Even with the Rachael Ray show, it was requested we avoid white. On a last minute wardrobe change, I pulled out all the stops. Yellow it was! 
Meet Holly, Jane and Kemper!
During a moment of pure chaos, one of us got a lap dance from an male audience member. It was a competition of sorts and that fella took it further than need be. The one on the receiving end shall remain nameless!

This is quite terrible, but I've only seen the show a handful of times. I'm aware of Lance but the other two - no idea their names. I proudly recognized faces.

And Meredith.. Well I've been a fan for a while.. Today Show style.
(Not so much the view, but don't let that cat out of the bag.)

After the show, we hung around and requested a picture with Meredith, well because.. Duh! 
Meredith: So do your husbands go to West Point?
Me: No, That'd get us arrested. (and we all laugh.)
It really wouldn't get us arrested, but that would just be wrong. Meredith was so nice and talked with us for about five minutes about Army life. I was super impressed if you haven't picked up on it.
I managed to keep my cool, smile, avoided sweating profusely and narrowly escaped deer in the headlights. Winning.

And it never hurts to attempt a sky line shot from the car!

If you're ever interested in visiting a taping, just find your show and submit your request. You definitely have to be close to the city or visiting, because it's usually a one to two week turnaround on requests. We will be on the Feb. 24th and March 1st show for sure!

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