Monday, February 22, 2016

Reading and Writing and No Arithmetic

Monday nights have become a favorite for me in the television world; think: the pairing of the Bachelor and Teen Mom. Here we have more train wrecks that an almanac can count! Tonight is the finale for Teen Mom and while watching a preview, I may have yelled out "Ohhhhh nooooo!" To which Jeremy thought something was devastatingly wrong. Nope. Just Farrah being cray.

Reading- What makes a 90's girl's heart go pitter patter? She hears the "what ever happened to predictability? The milk man.. the paper boy.. the evening TV" Well, I am all geared up for the Fuller House and squeal, yes squeal, every time I see the preview on Netflix. In preparation for the 26th, I've been blazing through Candace Cameron Bure's newest book. It's good y'all. I was a little skeptical at first because it was a teeny fluffy, BUT she is strongly speaking to my female heart. This book is for the woman who has or has not danced on the DWTS stage; let's be honest, we all fall into that second category.

On to writing - I have had the incredible opportunity to contribute to Her View From Home. The article featured is about making the Lord your Ultimate. How hard is that to do? Even after reading my own article, I was overwhelmed with conviction of looking for fulfillment in a million other places.  Hop on over to Her View From Home and check it out!

You can read it by clicking here: Let Him be Your Ultimate

And as promised, no arithmetic!

Happy Monday! Let the hometown dates roll!

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