Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Singles Day

It's baaaaaccccckkkkkk!!

What's this you might ask? Well, I'm so glad you asked! Kelly began this link up about five years ago to allow Christian, single girls and guys to meet. This is just an additional way to meet people in our crazy, busy world. Eleven couples have met and married through "Show Us Your Singles"! Can you believe it!??!

Other things you should know.. 

1- This is how Jeremy and I met thanks to my friend posting about me on her blog. We are one of the 11 couples! Holla!
2- You post on your blog about a single girl or single guy and see if anyone becomes interested.
3- Orrrrrrrrr you go and check out a single guy or girl yourself and comment your little heart out!
4- See where it goes from there -- And be open to what might happen!

You can visit Kelly's Korner by clicking on this link: Read more about how this all goes down! It's kind of exciting!!

Come back here on the 22nd because I plan to post about a few fellas that Jeremy and I would love to see meet a great girl!

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