Monday, January 11, 2016

Around Here

Monday's never looked so good! Tonight's lineup is the stuff a couch potato's dreams are made of - We've got some Bachelor, Teen Mom, Kids Baking Championship and College Football Championship!

Coming off a strong weekend, this is what's been going on around here:

Yes, yes I was on the Rachael Ray show for a second time. Holly, Jane and I made our second debut on Thursday. You don't realize what a crazy clapper you are until you see it in a picture. And there you have it... 

I also took a visit to the Culinary Institute with some other friends, Jenny and Laura. We ate some of the best of the best by the bests. It took my vision of Chopped to an entirely different level.

Warning: This isn't the only food picture I'm posting. I made these yummy enchiladas Thursday night. Leslie Sisti of "Blonde Ambition" posted this recipe several months before her passing. She wasn't kidding when she proclaimed these bad boys and their greatness!

I told you another picture was coming. In this house, we don't play! And our Friday night looked a lot like Chili's except we go the extra mile with a little sprinkle! Here's the hint: get a skillet from the Cracker Barrel and spread the Nes-le Toll-house cookie dough in the skillet. Impress your friends and be like "No big deal." 

The biggest rainbow I'd ever seen popped out over the Hudson after church on Sunday. I wanted the world to know (and the neighbors based on how loud I yelled about it)! See that Roy G Biv and be in awe!

The guest room has been a work in progress for since like we moved in. But we finally picked out this beautiful comforter for all the guests to be had!

Real life without a picture is that Jeremy and I had some tough conversations this weekend. I say conversations because they weren't argument status. Just wanted to keep it real for folks because marriage isn't always about those unicorns! Marriage is two sinners coming together and that's what we are and we're covered by the grace of God. Praise. And I love Jeremy.

And finally! I'm planning to do a Dating series pretty soon. If you have any suggestions (though I don't propose to be an expert), send an email to I'm excited!!


  1. You have a beautiful view of the Hudson river and I am not surprised you were watching the Bachelor on Monday! The cookie skillet idea is amazing!

    1. Thanks Lyle! And for your pure excitement that I a) noticed your comment and b) told Leah! haha

  2. That cookie looks good!! I saw you on Rachael!!! My parents don't have cable and have extremely slow internet so it's talk shows all day around here. :)