Monday, January 4, 2016

O Christmas Tree: Christmas 2015

Rewind a minute because it's necessary to recount the 2 week road trip we took to celebrate Christmas with both sides of the family. People, we were stuck in the small radius of the front seat for a near 3 days total! I did my best to entertain Jeremy by singing Jingle Bells in Latin but alas that lasted all of 5 seconds and then it was on to a book. If it weren't for 90s on 9 and our frequent strolls down memory lane, I'm not sure our sanity would have been in tact for all things Christmas.

The night before we packed all of our belongings into aforementioned truck, I had a brilliant idea to take a picture with our first Christmas tree. Tree is still currently beaming with all its glory in the living room and most likely will not come down until after January 7th. Seeing as how I spent one January 6th in Mexico when they celebrated Dia de Reyes, we are going to keep on keepin on' - enchiladas sans King's Cake.

I was one happy camper when Jeremy proclaimed he wanted to get me some grey New Balances for Christmas. We searched high and low, near and far across the lands to find these babies. I was happier than a kid in a candy factory seeing as how mine precious previous pair were destroyed when I propped my feet up too close to the campfire.

We spent the week leading up to Christmas and Christmas day with Jeremy's family. We were able to meet up with two of Jeremy's groomsmen (apparently we don't take pics when guys meet up). We spent a lot of time with Jeremy's family and went to Christmas Eve service at his parents' church.
This was taken right before the Christmas feast!

Stache First Christmas! 

And the whole Stache clan. We went to see "The Intern" on Christmas night. Such a great movie! We worked our selfie timer skills and took a quick picture before heading out!

The day after Christmas we headed to SC to spend time with my family. Let's be honest, I was really excited about seeing M! We had a birthday party and post-Christmas celebration at my Mema's house. We played a game of Head-bandz, which was more than I could handle. But I love a good guessing game. 

And the Gandy side.. 

I'd always wanted to run to my Mema's house. We live in the country, and she's only about 3 miles away. Jeremy was up for the challenge because clearly he runs more than that on the daily. The entire time we were running I was telling Jeremy .."People don't run out here." haha. 

I think this was actually before the decision was made to run, but M and I were having some girl time.

These 3.. and Papa is proudly sporting his West Point hat.

This day was clearly a no make up day for me, which I enjoy. But the mom and I were #twinning and #winning.

Redbone Alley with some great friends! I went one night with friends from high school, Brittany and Beejay. The next day I went to have lunch with Devon and Anna. Jeremy was able to meet Devon for the first time. That was long overdue!

Amanda and Kyle drove down to spend the day with us. I was dying to give Amanda her Christmas present. I wanted to capture our friendship and favorite TV shows all in one. This was my brilliant idea:

Christmas was busy. But like I said in my review post, it was full. We were so glad we got to spend so much time with our family and friends. We love our little quiet life here, but we miss them and the South and the Chickfila and the slower pace and the 80 degree weather. You get the idea. 

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  1. There's a neat book - not sure where it's sold these days - called Our Christmas Memories by Rae Wakelin. You may enjoy something like that to record your memories from year to year.