Friday, December 11, 2015

The Gospel

Rape crimes.
Terrorist attacks.
School shootings.
Domestic violence.
Drug addiction.
Child abuse.

We live in an ugly, ugly world. The reality of this broken world hits me every morning when I turn on the Today show while I do my daily run. (That's a thing now.) When the morning comes and the sun rises, I say "God where are you?" Amanda reminded me of Habakkuk a while ago. The prophet cried continuously as to how long would he have to wait for the Lord?

I find myself asking the same question. Lord, walking by faith is difficult and easy in this broken world. It's difficult because they are so many ways we think we can make ourselves happy. The idols have increased. A lie is disguised as truth and many things vie for our attention and adoration. But it's easy too. It's easy because we see death and hurt and angst and pure evil all around. The reality of the gospel takes its greatest roots when I see the fallen world. Morbid? Sure. But it's the reality that in a perfect world there would be no domestic violence or death or drug addiction ruining families. There would be children who were safe at all times - home or school. There would be a contentment in what we have and not always looking for the next thing. This is when the gospel is real. This is where the gospel collides into my foggy world and brings hope.

Friends, this is the gospel. This life isn't all there is. We don't have to be miserable. There is One who has come to rescue and redeem us from this broken world. He has come to give us life. But. That life only comes through Christ. We can't just be a good person. There's no such thing (as much as one such as myself fights for that.) There isn't any amount of good works we can do to gain entry to heaven. That's the greatest news. It should be a burden released. We can breathe. The Messiah came to save us.

For there is no other name under heaven given by which men might be saved. Acts 4:12  His name is Jesus. Emmanuel. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Truth be told- This is a hard thing for me to grasp. That's where faith comes in. Eternal life is that we may know Him. That reality comes in the form of Jesus who has reconciled God to man. I don't have fancy words. I don't even know if I'm clear. But friends, If you don't know Christ - open your heart to Him. Look at the skies. Look at the oceans. How can it be apart from God?

Man disobeyed God, which destroyed the relationship between God and man. Our misery and discontentment is because nothing in this world will solve the gap, except for Jesus. God made a promise to restore that relationship. In His perfect timing, Jesus came to earth as a babe. He was born to die for us. Sin had to be dealt with for God to be God. But He loved us so much that He wanted to rescue the sinner. Therefore, Christ paid the penalty for our sin. He died on the cross. He was raised on the third day. Jesus being raised from the dead is our Hope. It is the hope that we will not perish in the ground but be raised to life with Christ. Our spiritual death is no longer, when we believe in Him.

This is the gospel message. This is the reason we celebrate Christmas.
The broken world will continue to turn.
But the healed world is in sight. Jesus has come.
For that we celebrate. Today and every day.

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