Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Favorite Blog Posts

And now I'm baccccckkk on the grid! (Channeling that little pizza commercial, anybody!?) 

I realize I've neglected the little blog o' mine; it needs some love before we round out 2015. Writing about some favorite posts for the year and will most certainly be back with a timeline of the year on a date in the very near future!

Before I list some favorite posts, I must say my favorite day of twenty fifteen involved this:

On October 3rd 2015, I married Jeremy - the one the Lord had planned for me. That day means many things to me- I married the one who will sharpen me and refine me and lead me to worship the Lord in a greater way. I learned more of the peace that surpasses all understanding. I learned how He calms me. I learned He is in control. I learned the support of friends and family in ways that we will never be able to say Thank You enough. 

Here are a few posts that my readers enjoyed! (and let's just say I learned a lot by writing them)

Happy New Years! We look forward to 2016 with breathless expectation - fun, joy, peace, trials, steadfastness, Cokes, cheeseburgers, love and blogging!

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