Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Can't we go back to the honeymoon? There is just something about a cruise that I just love. I love being away and shutting the phone off. I love to people watch, the shows, and of course - the food! Jeremy knew my love for a cruise and planned our honeymoon to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean.
We took a four night cruise to Coco Cay and Nassau. The place didn't look like a hurricane touched it!

On board and belly is full! The lunch buffet was open as soon as we walked on board. We weren't complaining!

On the way to Coco Cay!! We had some interesting ones sitting beside us. This guy our age gave an ENTIRE motivational speech to these teenagers he was with. I'm talking how to be secure in yourself folks! Pretty deep for a 5 minute ferry to a Bahama island! Come on guys - Enjoy the view!

#honeymooners #whitesandandbluewaves

Formal night! Jessica Simpson Dress. Jessica Simpson shoes. 

I was so excited to get a towel animal when we returned to our room! .. Like every night. Sparing you the other pics.

Nassau offered quite a few excursions. We decided to take a tour of the Atlantis; we weren't disappointed! I'd always wanted to see the place; the ins and outs of it all.

Ok, yes yes. I took a picture of a fish. But the tour guide said this fish could inhale a human! It would eventually spit out because it can't digest it all. But seriously! Jonah and the big fish, people!

 Please note the suite connecting one tour of Atlantis to the other tower. This is the Michael Jackson suite because he was the first to stay there.  It's a mere 25,000 a night. We have plans for it on our 5 - Year anniversary - riiiigggghhhhttttt.

Jeremy entertained me with a selfie while we walked over the Hammerhead bridge - i.e. we saw two hammerheads fight over their food! Sea creatures amaze me!

Oh you know, just a sunrise over the Caribbean!

My onboard adventure!! Let me say, this was a) fun b) an adrenaline rush c) a little ahhhhh as I was jumping VERY high over the sea.

Now. Meet Bob and Carol. They were our dinner guests. The Lord just paired us right on this trip. He was an engineer; Jeremy's an engineer. I'm chatty, and she was chatty. They were Christians. It was meant to be. We were able to eat with them every night. Exchange contact info and take in show together! We loved being around them!

Boys wear blue. Girls wear pink. That's just how it turned out this night.

Last night selfie!

Our honeymoon was such a wonderful time that allowed us to basically crash after a busy week of wedding preparations. We enjoyed just being with each other. While this is personal, Jeremy and I committed very early in our lives to wait for sex until marriage. This was a commitment we made individually as teenagers in light of what the Scriptures say and our hope to honor and obey God. The same is true for our dating relationship. We made that commitment to one another.  Sex is a beautiful act inside the boundaries of marriage as ordained by God. Outside of marriage, I imagine there would be much pain and frustrations. I am thankful for sex within marriage and the beautiful picture it is. Like Jase and Missy from Duck Dynasty said, we are fumbling our way through it. And by fumbling, he meant learning. But I'm thankful to be learning with my husband where there is not an expectation or standard. We can honor and love each other in this way knowing that it is a sweet time spent only with each other. And it's pretty dang awesome! I share this to encourage those who are battling this decision now within their relationships.


  1. Has Jeremy heard of the Olmsted Scholar program? My husband was an '03 scholar to Ukraine. We traveled a lot and met the neatest couple on our river cruise. They were Dutch and we have Dutch heritage; we ended up visiting them in Holland in conjunction with a refresher for the hubs in the altitude chamber and my desire to see the homeland. Anyway, if you guys enjoy travel and the possibility of living overseas for a couple of years, you might want to check into the program. Feel free to e-mail if you have questions! :)

  2. I love your blurb at the end of the post! My boyfriend and I are waiting for marriage as well. It's sometimes hard when we know other people our age are not waiting, but we know it's what the Lord wants.

  3. I admire you sharing about waiting for sex until marriage. It is so rare these days, but is still what God has blessed. And yes, what a gift it is to married people, especially when it has been exclusive to just the 2 of you. You do not have to wonder how you may be compared to any previous partners. You can just learn together as you build intimacy in your marriage. Good for you and your husband for protecting each other and your sex life by holding to your convictions.

    1. Thank you for your comment and support!