Monday, September 28, 2015


Water bottles are ready. Presents have been wrapped. Everything is boxed up and ready to be placed in the perfect spot at the reception venue.

My mom and I rode to the Dollar General an hour ago (because that's really the only thing we have to do out here) and I couldn't get over the fact that in five short days my wedding day will be here. Significant thoughts happen on the way to the DG. The store happens to be surrounded by large green fields and blue skies. This scene leads me to think on life before sliding into the store.

There have been years of tears and questioning the Lord. Where is my mate? What am I doing wrong? Will I ever get married? And yet, God had a perfect plan for my life. One that I didn't understand then, but one that makes perfect sense now. Why do we get so impatient and not wait on our Faithful God? There were many times when I thought I knew best. I "placed" myself in all the right places to catch a fella's eye- let's just say my fitness routine was perfected during this time. I asked guys to hang out. I was bold. I laugh now at some of my attempts. But none of that was what God had because none of that worked out.

I had to wait
I see now what I wish I would've seen then.

Those who are following the Lord are living in His will for their lives. If it''s not, He will stop it. There was no need for the tears and the questioning. The God who brought me to this moment knew Jeremy was the one for me. He knew I was the one for him. We were being refined and shaped for one another. Jim and Elisabeth often quoted Isaiah 25:9 once they were together, and I love that verse for all that it means.

Jeremy- And lo, this is our God whom we have waited for! Isaiah 25:9