Thursday, September 17, 2015

This is my Life Update

There will be many times when I'm trying to get in touch with my parents for some reason or another. I try both cell phones, the house phone, back to cell phones. That's the cycle. When I finally do get one of them to answer, my usual response is: I'm glad I wasn't dying. And so to relieve you all, I am not dead. I'm very much alive sitting on this porch at the beach! I can barely believe it myself. In the midst of planning and preparing for a wedding to this fella (which is not soon enough), the family has managed to take a small vacation. I realized last night the blessings the Lord has given me in this short time.

And so, because I've missed writing and because it's a natural part of who I am, I'm going to take this moment of WiFi and blog for everything I'm worth. Things are different in the SC - life is slow. The friend window is a ton smaller. There is no Internet at the house, hence the lack of blogging. The food  is in plenty - think potato chips and cookies and cakes. My parents and I take morning jogs/walk. Yes, this a thing we do. I laugh at the routine my life has taken sans job. I laugh because I love it and can't imagine it any other way.

By God's grace, my mom and I haven't ripped one another's heads off. We've come close, but it's not worth it in the end. Wedding planning is hard and takes a lot of work. I thought I had it all under control and planned to the tee. Yet, every day has brought something new. After week one, I finally gave in and let it ride. This will be my life until the 4th. I've never hated any part of the process. It's all been fun to me, but I have wanted to just a few days to sit on the porch and read or just watch 90210. Both have thankfully happened. (Right after my mom and I both just about collapsed in exhaustion and threw our hands in the air. We were DONE.)

I won't lie. This time in between has been difficult in the sense that it's like the return of Jesus. - The already, not yet. I'm here. Jeremy's there. And it just can't get here soon enough. I don't cry. I don't get mad. Thankfully, I patiently wait for that day. There's a connection - waiting for Jesus' return. Oh how we wait for that day! Sin will be no longer, and we will see Jesus face to face. We will then walk by sight and not faith. - Because let's be honest, the walking by faith is hard.

A few new things I've added to my life since moving home - surprisingly I am obsessed with Big Brother. That is a strong word. Maybe I'll just say I've enjoyed watching it EVERY single night it has come on. I am running more now than I did in Raleigh. I'm not going as far but am certainly running more often. I am loving a little slower pace on the roads. I never imagined I would say that. And the Dollar General has become my favorite place. True story.

This is my little life for now. And I'm thankful.

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  1. I understand, and I miss those days! (The time with family and without work, not the wedding planning lol) I hope you enjoy and soak it up! It is a wonderful blessing.