Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Days

I believe a wise girl once said at the beginning of February, "I'm so thankful we haven't had a lot of snow this year." No sooner did wise girl (me) say this, Raleigh was hit with 3 snows within 2 weeks. I am not a restful person. I don't like to be stuck in doors. For a hot minute, I thought something was wrong with me because I couldn't join in with fellow Instagrammers and love on the beautiful snow. I just couldn't. But our God is good and reminded me of the fact that a sunny, crisp Spring or Fall day will practically make me squeal with excitement! I'll go for a run on those days and just say "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Those are my snow days.

On this snow day, I must praise God's patience with me. There are some things that I just want to "get" about Him. Grab ahold of righteousness and just hold on. Yesterday I received an encouraging email from a children's director that uses the curriculum I contribute to for the preschool age. She was so thankful to find a curriculum that points the children to Christ (even at the age of 4) and that we aren't good and in need of a Savior.. rather than a curriculum that teaches a list of do's and don'ts. Y'all what a continuous wake up call to my life. My whole life has been centered on what I can do for Christ, maybe like bargaining His grace and favor. And that's hard. It's hard to uproot that. But all of that wrong sowing has to be reaped, and new seeds have to be planted. The new seed to Christ's righteousness doesn't just pop up on its on. It takes care, nurturing, pruning for the new seed to reach its full growth. This is why I am thankful for patience on this snow day.

As far as snow day activity goes, we failed to listen to the DOT and made our way around the block to the Chickfila to satisfy that Coke monster within that gets kinda angry on a snow day.. and to the grocery store to buy flowers on a whim because Spring is hopefully insight soon... and I may have purchased 3 dresses via online shopping. #snowdayprobs

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  1. I did my fair share of online shopping during the snow too. It's melting away and spring will be here soon! I think most of us struggle with the bargaining. It's good that we are aware of it when it happens though and we are making an effort to change it! We are works in progress!