Monday, February 23, 2015

A few things for your Monday

Happy Monday! We are entering the last week of February. I repeat the lassssttttt week! Amen! Makes me want to do a lil happy dance around this place. Just a few things for the Monday!

SRT-Lent2015_instagram2- I've started doing the study for Lent on It's been a great study so far! I think we really forget what God is calling us to when we focus on everything else in the world. I, for one, go inward and try to analyze what I'm doing wrong and where I fall short and what else I could be doing. Do you see the key word in all of that? It's "I." God is asking us to return to Him and rely on Him. I was telling Jeremy the other day that I'm learning repentance isn't just a turning away from sin, but it is also a turning TO God. We have to continuously throw that old man off and put new man on. (More on all this in a later post.)

Image result for the duff- I saw the movie, "The Duff" this weekend. It was fun. I liked it. I teared up. Because here's the thing, there's always a duff. There's always this lesser pretty girl who is used by the football team guys to get to the hotter girls. Well, I completely realized I was that girl in high school. I could help a guy study all day long and give intel on every friend around. But that's all I was. I didn't even go to the Prom because there was no date to be had. Sure, all my friends were like "Come with us!" Um. No. In those days, it was bothersome. I wanted to know why I was missing out on the dating scene. Umm.. yeah what scene is that actually in high school!?!? And that's when I teared up in the movie theater. I'll cry about everything else, but it's rare for a movie to strike a chord!In the end, it's okay to be the Duff. As time goes on, that girl peaks right on through her twenties and thirties. And who's laughing now? Yep. The Duff is pretty cool.

- Thirdly, last night I was watching the Oscars. There's a story here so hang on or in! I enjoy this stuff. I did not enjoy the fact that the lame awards were at the beginning. Though I suppose if I won an Oscar for best short foreign film, I wouldn't think it to be so lame. However, this evening reminded me of an evening many moons ago where I did the same thing - watched the Oscars aka The Academy Awards. The next evening I did what I always did and watched Entertainment tonight to get the scoop on the Best and Worst dressed. I just loved fashion. I sat there for the entire 30 minute show unable to figure out why they keep saying the "seventy-second Academy Awards." I wish I could make this up, but I was turning it over and over in my head thinking this was some sort of nickname that I'd surely missed. I also very vividly remember thinking- "That thing was 3 hours long! Not seventy seconds!!!" Well yes there is a closing to this and a mystery was solved. At the end of the broadcast, the lady said. "This is Mary Hart live from the Seventy Second ANNUAL (72nd) Oscars." Wow, Erin... just wow.

- D, it's Bachelor Night.. Jen is coming over, and all is right in the world.

- And finally, I was walking in the mall during my lunch break and had a moment. I have been following The Small Things Blog for several years. At some point I realized Kate was from the Triangle area. I'm walking in the mall today, and there's Small Things Kate! I almost had one of those moments where I wanted to take a picture or something like I'd seen a celebrity. This is my life.

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  1. hahahah GIRL I am cracking up at your 72nd thing!!! Too funny! I love watching all the red carpets for the awards shows and seeing all the pretty dresses! The Oscars are my fav because they are the fanciest! I'm doing the SRT Lent study too and it's so awesome! Theirs usually are though. Hope you have a great week!!