Thursday, January 22, 2015

How I Met Your Mother.. Except Not

Every time I go to see Jeremy, we end up watching a few episodes of "How I Met Your Mother." I never watched the show when it was in the prime of its life on CBS. That seems to be the case for me. I catch on to a show years later. The same can be said of 90210, Friends, and Dawson's Creek. So watching this show, I've found it be to quite interesting and addicting and possibly making a commitment sans being in Newburgh. But today's post is not about that at all. Didn't you read the "Except Not" in the title?

Today's post is about... How I Met Jeremy. It's the cool, new spin-off that everyone's talking about! (I've been meaning to write this post for a while.. and the title of the post finally came.)

This is the story all about how - Wait! Wrong show. Anyway. My friend Kathryn at Hand Me Down Style and I were having dinner with friends one night. I was probably going on and on about being single and not wanting to do Eharmony. I'm not absolutely certain that was how the conversation went down, but I do know we were planning a bday party for Kelly and that I mentioned NO to Eharmony. The next day Kelly's Korner hosted Show Us Your Singles. She does this every now and then. Friends can write about their single friends (girls or guys) for all the world to see. Kathryn texted and asked if I would be okay with her posting me. Hmmm.. It took a few minutes, but okay why not? I sent some pictures over and a post soon went up. Mind you, this was January. The week went by, and there were no comments. No big deal. Moving right along. Kelly continued to post other random things about her life. Kathryn posted other random things about her life. And I continued to post on my own blog. Life goes on right? That's another show too!

Well, fast forward it to April. I'm out with friends late one night. I've had a cheeseburger for dinner. Life is good. Amanda and I've walked over to this rooftop bar - a water for me and less than appealing conversation otherwise. I look down and have an email from Kathryn that she's forwarded. It says "Show Us Your Singles - A little late." Ummm.. what? I didn't read the email until I got home that night, and read it several more times. I finally decided to email this guy back and keep my Cadbury eggs. He found me 3 months later! He isn't an avid reader of Kelly's Korner, but a friend told him about the whole singles deal. One email led to another.. then another.. then there were phone calls. And we finally met in Atlanta on my birthday! There was a very long hall to walk down to meet this guy, who I'd only seen in pictures and heard his voice. Thankfully.. very thankfully.. he was not standing at the end of the hallway. That would have been nerve-wracking city! But he was to the side. I turned the corner. Breathed a deep sigh of relief. Jeremy was handsome! And my date for the night!...

And here we are 9 months later! Very thankful for this guy!
(Also it should be noted that blog reading has paid off in this fashion.)

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  1. I've got a lot to catch up on ... just now reading this. :))) I'm happy I could help.