Monday, October 13, 2014

The Weekend starts on Thursday


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cake. Be jealous.
Birthday celebrating.
"We want 3 #5s with grilled chicken." 
Making crafts happen.
BIG things are happening in Dovesville, folks! BIG!
When the only pair left is a size 8, it was meant to be!
A "life-in-the-country" kind of sunset
Ummm. I'd say my parents know how to set up a DVR list for me.
Baby shower day for Miss Madelyn
She said "I'm being you."  #sheismymother


  1. I watched a little Teen Mom myself! But man I cannot stop drooling over that cake!!!!

    1. I LOVE Teen Mom! I believe my mom and I discussed it for nearly 20 min. Train wrecks.