Friday, October 31, 2014

The Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Y'all let's be real. I love Halloween. If I haven't said that enough, I just said it again. When I was a wee little one, Halloween wasn't a crazy "you can't celebrate" that day. Nope! Not at all. It was a "let's dress up and get candy" kind-o day. That's exactly what we did! Good gosh I can still smell those plastic bib-like costumes (ahem see below) with the character masks - Costumes have come a long way folks! 

I dug up some gems (or rather my sweet mama did) to remember those ghosts of Halloweens past. Our Halloween involved some cake love at my Mema's house with an extra special treat bag to include the coveted Halloween Oreos followed by a trip to a church lady's house who gave each of us the BIGGEST Hershey bar you've ever seen. We were lovin' it. And that was how we celebrated Halloween. 

I loved me that Glow Warm when I was little.. so they say.
Barbie. Because who didn't rock a Barbie costume in the 80's.
Jordy's helmet is way big, but I'm sure he insisted.
A pageant girl all about that cake. #doesthatgotogether
Amanda's 80's party. 
That time we all broke our heels on the red carpet.
Murder Mystery and dealt a nasty hand the next day by the Columns. RIP.

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