Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Day in the Life of High School Erin

I love a good Buzzfeed.
I love a good throwing back on a Thursday.
In a fun attempt to combine the two, here's my life nearly 14 years ago:

I'd head to school in this sweet little number. 

Note: I just HAD to have a car in the day, and this was it. I didn't care about the color at the time. I put that little thing in the wind. I also locked my keys in the car more than 10 tens. Problems.

Lunch consisted of water in a can and one of these delights. Until I got smart and realized $1.50 wasn't too much to pay for a cheeseburger and fries. Read: Cafeteria lunch and a school baked roll and chocolate milk were my jam. Cool kids eat school lunch.


And in the small town where I'm from, it was best if your shirt said one of these- loudly and proudly.

And if you couldn't afford those one or two shirts on your concession stand income, well..  you just shopped here and enjoyed it.

And the girls wanted to be Elle Woods, And dreamed of Harvard and Luke Wilson as their professor.  I maaayyyy actually own my 3rd copy at this point. There was this one time I left the VHS in the car in the hot, hot sun, and it nearly exploded. There was this other time that it dropped out of the car, and I ran over it. True story. 

While everyone else was dying to know if Joey would choose Pacey or Dawson, I was still stuck in the 90210 with Kelly and Donna and Steve. Spoiler alert: David and Donna finally figure out what everyone else knew- they should get married.  And because I was super at multi-tasking, my nights of high school days ended with a TV show and a few IM conversations. Because there was certain, definite gossip to spill that couldn't be covered in the 6 hours we'd already spent together. But good gosh, the world would be over if someone in the house picked up the phone. NOooooooo!


Thankfully things get better with time and age - though I still love a good cafeteria chocolate milk and some Donna and David. And that my friends is a throwback!

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