Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Update and a DMX Shout Out

Just like a SNL skit featuring a throwback to Cheri O'teri, this is your Weekend Update:

Let's just take a moment to observe the fact that we are on the very cusp of one of my favorite months in the year - sweet October! I gladly welcome you.  In other news, the weekend went down kinda like this: You know the deal.


Mrs. Bush doesn't do anything half way. - Sat. lunch with her and her mama.
Fit Bit purchase of the weekend = a fun game for Erin
Back porch relaxing at its finest folks!
New recipe for the win!
Gettin' crafty up in here. Up in here!! (go ahead, channel that inner DMX)

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  1. Where's the zaxby's pic with me?? hah!! Love these kinds of weekends!