Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This isn't a post from a friend, but rather a post about Joshua (as in Joshua from the Bible). I started reading in the book of Joshua this morning. I've enjoyed my New Testament time for a bit, but it's time to mix it up again and head back to the OT. Reading Joshua 1 today, I thought it appropriate to add a note about him for "Steps of Faith."

Joshua, if you remember, was one of the spies sent into to see what the promised land was all about. Faithfully, Joshua went in with the other spies and scouted out the area. However, only Joshua and Caleb returned with a promising report. The others were fearful and convinced the Israelites to not move forward. Their fear gripped them to a standstill. In turn they were disciplined by the Lord. The current generation would wander the desert for another 40 years. Joshua, Caleb and the next generation of the Israelites would be the ones to enter the Promised Land.

Joshua 1 begins with God instructing Joshua to prepare the people for their entrance into the land He would give them. Joshua had faith from the beginning. He trusted in God's provision and leadership 40 years prior to this moment. Though he saw the same giants as the other spies, he knew that God was bringing them to this place and would take the peoples down - because He was God. This is what He had led them too. And He was faithful. Joshua knew this from the beginning. God tells Joshua three times to "Be strong and courageous." 3 times! This morning I kept thinking about God's warning/encouragement to Joshua to be courageous. Joshua had been courageous up until this point. Why now? Joshua was taking on the role of leader, now that Moses had passed away. Joshua would be leading the people and needed to stand in this new leadership position, not to be swayed by the opinions of the people. His steps of faith were in courage. Because I love words, I looked up the meaning to courageous. It means to not be deterred by pain or danger. It means to be brave, unafraid, fearless, bold. Joshua needed to be fearless and bold in his leadership over the people. God wanted him to proceed and not fear anything that got in his way of advancement into the new, gifted land. Verse 5 says, "No man shall be able to stand before you all the days of your life." God was going to take care of those hindrances and would give Joshua the courage he needed. Joshua's steps of faith were to be guided by the Word of God - His commandments. God commanded Joshua to not turn to the right or left from His commands and his way would be prosperous (v.7)

I also liked the many promises made by God in this one little chapter.
- I have given you this. (v.3)
- I will be with you. (v.5)
- I will not leave you or forsake you. (v.5)
- The Lord your God is with you wherever you go. (v.9)

Let us take steps of faith boldly, courageously, fearlessly, and bravely. Let us take steps of faith that are grounded in His Word and our obedience to it. Let us take steps of faith that cling to the promises of God that He will not leave us or forsake us when we take those steps. 

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