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Before we begin today's post, let me tell you what a Sunday used to look like for me - particularly a Sunday during the seminary days. There was much time spent at church because I over-committed myself and would be in the nursery at 8:30, service at 9:45, and Sunday School or children's church at 11. This would be followed by lunch out with friends until close to 2:30 because there was always a crowd. To which I then came home to a furry, panic to get some last minute homework in - read: Head in the books and writing a paper and memorizing a passage. Then I had to pause for prep for small group, which started at 6. Small group was from 6 to 9 or 9:30. What I want to say is this: I am thankful for those moments. And wouldn't change them for anything, except maybe add in an extra hour.  But gosh, they left me near exhausted and that has carried over to this day. I get overwhelmed by everything going on and am learning that I'm just going to have to press pause for a minute. My friendship with this person will not fail. The church will not go under if I don't serve that one time. And my family or boyfriend will not hate me if I just need a couple of hours to myself. Amanda warned me about this.. and what I need most is rest.. Rest in the Lord.

So on Saturday night, the fella and I had a talk about the Sabbath. I feel like there could be some good alliteration there, but I'll let you put those S's together like it was 7th grade. The Sabbath and rest is a concept/theme of the Bible that I don't know much about, if I'm honest. And because of that, we decided it'd be the next thing we study and talk about. We are all familiar with the creation account and how God rested on the 7th day. But there's more to it! The Sabbath was made for us! The Sabbath is a celebration! The Sabbath prepares us for what is to come! The Sabbath gives us rest. Most of the things I'm going to say are his thoughts.

  • The Sabbath was created as a celebration of all God had done. He wasn't tired from the previous week. But He looked back and saw the goodness of all that He had created and delighted in it.
  • A Person (Christ) to bring about Sabbath rest was foreshadowed in OT figures. - This Sabbath rest is referring to the accomplished work of Christ. Works are not required for salvation. We rest from the "works" and rest in Him and His sufficiency. Noah and David are the two "vessels for honorable use (Romans 9:21)" that are used for God's glory that we talked about. Noah is a foreshadowing of Christ because he will usher in a recreation of the earth - to which God promised to never destroy again. Christ will usher in a new, better creation. David was a foreshadow of Christ in that he was the supreme king given by God that lead the Israelites to victory. He will bring victory starting with Goliath, so that the Israelites do not have to fear the enemy. Christ will usher in the greatest victory and vanquish the enemy once and for all (Gen. 3:15; 1 Cor. 15:55). Side note: Vanquish means to defeat thoroughly. Satan has been defeated thoroughly!!
  • The Sabbath was previously celebrated on Sat. (and still is by Jews.) However, the Sabbath is now celebrated on Sunday by Christians. Christ was raised from the dead on the third day, which was Sunday. The Sabbath on a Sunday is a recognition of the old order passing away and creating a new order/ New Covenant. At the beginning of the week, we celebrate the Sabbath recognizing all that God has done for us in Christ and anticipate the week ahead living in that light. 
  • The Sabbath was made for man. (Mark 12:27) The Sabbath was instituted as a covenant sign between God and man. It was for our benefit to be refreshed and rejoice in all that He has done.. and to look to Him for eternal rest.
Rest is such a big theme for a girl who is always tired. I need my naps for physical rest. I need to slow down my goings here and there for physical rest. I need to stop my "works" and rest securely in the salvation that has been given by grace.. I am justified and He is continuing a good work in me. 

The walk of faith is a continual walk- It is a walk that at every twist and turn we are having to rely on Jesus - and that [relying on Him] is His grace to us.

Thankful for talks like these .. and many others.. with the fella. 

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